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doorLink Commercial Garage Doors are built to withstand the elements and are designed for each application. We offer 3 models ranging from open back to double skinned and insulated versions with various choices of finishes.

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Models: Glazing Options

8100 Glass Type - 1/8"
8400 Glass Type - 1/4"
8500 Glass Type - 1/2" Insulated

Panel Arrangement:

Door WidthNumber of Panels
Up to 9'2" 2
9'3" to 12'2" 3
12'3" to 17'2" 4
17'3" to 18'2" 5
18'3" to 20'2" 6

Section Arrangement:

Door WidthNumber of Panels
Up to 8'0" 4
8'3" to 10'0" 5
10'3" to 12'0" 6
12'3" to 14'0" 7
14'3" to 16'0" 8

Premium Aluminum Full View Overhead Door

The right choice when maximum light and visibility are required. Ideally suited for all residential, commercial, and retail establishments. Choose froma variety of glazing options including glass, acrylic, insulated glass or aluminum panels.


  • DOOR SECTIONS: Door sections are 2" thick and consist of extruded aluminum rails and stiles assembled with 5/16" threaded rods and nuts. Glazing is gasketed on all four sides with extruded rubber gaskets and retained on all four sides with extruded aluminum snap-in beads. The end stiles have a visible width of 3 3/8". Center stiles have a visible width of 2 3/4". Top rail has a visible height of 2 7/8" or 4 1/4" depending on door size. Bottom rail has a visible height of 2 7/8", 4 1/4" or 7 1/4" depending on door size and weight.

    Combined meeting rails have a visible height of 2 1/2". Lower meeting rail has an integral reinforcing fin on doors over 12' 2" wide (Model 8100) or over 10' 2" wide (Models 8400 and 8500).
  • GLAZING: Sections can be glazed with 1/8" glass or acrylic (Model 8100), 1/4" glass (Model 8400), or 1/2" insulated glass (Model 8500). Many glazing options are available including tempered glass, tinted glass, low E glass, or laminated safety glass.

    0.062" anodized aluminum panels can be used in any section.
  • TRACK: Galvanized track system is 2" or 3" depending on door size and weight and can be bracket or angle mounted as required. Optional track configurations include high lift, vertical lift, low headroom, and follow the roof pitch.
  • HARDWARE: Hinges and brackets are made from galvanized steel. Rollers have (10) 1/4" steel ball bearings in case hardened races.
  • SPRING COUNTERBALANCE: Springs are oil tempered helical wound and stress relieved torsion springs mounted on a cross header shaft supported by bearing brackets. Springs are calculated for 10,000 door cycles. 25K, 50K, or 100K cycles are optional. Cables are galvanized aircraft quality with a minimum 7 to 1 safety factor.
  • WEATHERSTRIP: Bottom rail has a replaceable U type bottom astragal. Optional weather-stripping is available for header and jambs.
  • LOCK: Lock is interior mounted slide lock.
  • OPERATION: Operation to be manual push up, chain hoist, or electric motor.
  • WIND LOAD: Consult factory for available wind load rated options.

Cut-away View: